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SAILOR CU5100 MF/HF maritime radio telephone with built-in DSC (Digital Selective Calling) system, fulfilling the highest international standards for marine MF/HF communication and safety procedures. The transceiver is born with  a 2187,5kHz DSC watch receiver forming an ideal system for MF GMDSS installations. The transceiver can easily be upgraded for 6 channel scanning DSC watch receiver and Telex operation to comply with MF/HF requirements in sea area A3. If connected to a GPS or other maritime navigation system it can automatically include the true UTC time and your position in its DSC distress messages.


Furuno FS1570/2570

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The FS-1570 and 2570 are new MF/HF radiotelephones for general communications and GMDSS applications. Provided in addition to radiotelephony operation are DSC (Digital Selective Call) on general communications and DSC Watch Receiver on all distress and safety frequencies in MF and HF bands. The FS-1570 and 2570 maintain a continuous watch on a distress call even while you are exchanging normal voice messages. DSC channels can be individually set or all selected channels can be automatically scanned. When a DSC  message is received, the radiotelephone gives audible andvisual alarms.